Dave Scott-Morgan

Dave Scott-Morgan

Songsmith, Writer, Musician, Birmingham UK

Albums by Dave

and the music creation team Morganisation

Kafka & Orwell

A work of art to fray those that would remake man in the image of the machine. My new album with the cover pic of the scowling prophet, is laced as always with rock n roll fun.

BC Collection

This classic collection began life as a one-off for the ELO fan club back in 1992. Punchy, melodic pop-rock by ELO musicians Richard Tandy, Dave Morgan and Martin Smith.


It’s what they call a studio record.  The studio is Grimm Doo, at my house in South Birmingham. Here is my music tribe Morganisation with 12 new songs echoing the strange times we are living in.  Dave Scott-Morgan 

Made in Britain

Eclectic album of stomping rock ‘n’ rollers, sublime ballads, folksy almost Beatlesque, pacy Morganisation stuff.  Ultimately this is an album just waiting to be discovered! 

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British Guitar Music drawn from different wells. Contributions by Tony Clarkin (Magnum), Richard Tandy (ELO). SEVEN is an eclectic mix in the style of latter-day Beatlesque pop. 
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This EP captures highlights of a winter in the Scottish Highlands. Every song tells a story with a Celtic undertone.

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A collection of ten Catchy originals which exhibit the influence of Bob Dylan with welcome nods to The Beatles and, of course, Dave’s old pal Jeff Lynne. Plus a stomping cover of the Buddy Holly classic “Well All Right”  

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Across the Divide

Eleven songs delivering melodies and messages in varying tempos and styles. Produced by former ELO bassist Martin Smith – it has some acoustically driven numbers and some more complex constructions too.

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Synth Orchestrated rock and pop concept album about space and time from Richard Tandy and Dave Scott-Morgan. “Impressively haunting.”

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Reel 2

Songs of love and fun released for the millennia in 2001. Some classic songs ‘City Girl’ and ‘Do you mind’ amongst its 16 tracks.

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