Dave Scott-Morgan

Dave Scott-Morgan

Songsmith, Writer, Musician, Birmingham UK



Morganisation’s favourite opener. The song was released on the album ‘Across the Divide’ (2012) and came from an an Irish proverb spoken as a parting line by Dave’s Irish friend: ‘May the road rise to meet you, May the wind be in your back’. The video footage was made by fan Tim Gorringe on a long night motorway drive using time-lapse dash cam. 

On a Plane

Released on the Bubbles album in 2016, the ‘On a Plane’ video features Morganisation playing the track at the flying club where Dave works as an instructor. Outside the clubhouse, one of the few remaining Avro Vulcans stands guard – a great prop for a photo shoot! 

Tin Eye

‘Tin Eye’ is my pigeon-speak for TNI – The Trusted News Initiative – A ‘collection’ (RFK Jnr calls it a ‘conspiracy’) of legacy news sites, including the BBC, Associated Press, Reuters, Washington Post, etc., plus social media giants Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter – working together to promote an agreed news narrative and suppress any story which does not fit the agenda. ‘Tin Eye’ is on the ‘Signz’ album released in 2022. 

‘Tanya’ was part of Morganisation’s ‘Seven’ album (2019)  but this video of it was made in 2016 in response to Boris Nemskov’s murder just a stones’ throw from the Kremlin. The song opens with a Russian proverb ‘We are a dark people’, and is like a metaphor for the spirit of the Russian people, who have weathered for generations every tyranny going: the Czars, communism and now, gangster capitalism. 

‘ALL TRUE LOVE’ is like a line drawn between here and there; A song of now or a song of then; A Love song or maybe a God song; Maybe a breath of timelessness from the eternity within.. ‘All True Love’ was welded together in 2014 using ProTools software and the help of musicians Jack Rosa and Neil Robinson.

Richard Tandy and Dave Scott-Morgan being interviewed on camera by Ged Eastick during the making of the ‘Spaceship Earth’ video circa 2011. This clip focuses on the making of the EarthRise album. 

‘Spaceship Earth’ is the opening fanfare of EarthRise album, first recorded by Richard Tandy and Dave Scott-Morgan in the Year of Analogue, when the only piece of digital equipment on hand was Dennis the drummer (an Oberheim DMX drum machine). This video, directed and produced by Richard Eastick in 2011 includes a cameo appearance by local Birmingham legend Steve Gibbons.  

‘Hiroshima’ was recorded by the British group Wishful Thinking as part of a whole album of my songs. It became a sleeper hit in West Germany first becoming popular on East Berlin radio, picked up by West Berliners and eventually occupying the German top 50 for over 6 months in 1978. After East and West Germany were re-united in 1989, the German artists Sandra recorded this up-tempo version and it became a Europe-wide mega hit in the 1990s.